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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on October 23, 2009


it’s been so long since i did one of these i hope i remember how ๐Ÿ™‚

******conversation with the g-kid:

  • me: i’m all full of milk but i want some coffee, james. what should i do??
  • james: umm, go pee?

******conversation with the hubby regarding new pet:

  • me: should i spell chewy’s name c-h-e-w-y or c-h-e-w-i-e ? (it’s short for chewbacca)
  • hubby: g-o-n-e

******speaking of new pet, here is a pic of my new baby. chewy was originally my step-daughter’s dog, but she is working 16 hr shifts twice a week, and the poor thing was miserable while she was working. also, he didn’t really like the g-kid and she was worried he might bite him. nonna to the rescue!! the most shocking thing is that hubby (who was adamantly against an indoor dog) is letting him sleep with us!

soft n fuzzy chewy small

******conversation with the g-kid after seeing a squished fox on the road:

  • james: what do foxes eat?
  • me: mice, squirrels, rabbits…small animals like that
  • james: ewww i wouldn’t want to eat a rabbit (i guess mice and squirrels are ok??)
  • me: i’ve ate a rabbit before
  • james: really?!? what did it taste like?
  • me: chicken (hehe) maybe i should try to find a store that sells rabbit so i can try to cook one.
  • james: i know the perfect store to find a rabbit.
  • me: (incredulously) really?? where?
  • james: well, my me-me took me there once and i want to go back there again. i bet we could find a rabbit there. it’s called ….Toys-R-Us! (had to give him an A for effort on that one)

******we are actually doing good in darts! we are in first place (which shocked us) and i’m in first place for the ton run even with missing a week for my surgery!

******i think i must be the only person alive who can actually injure herself sitting on the couch. i have no idea what i did to it, but i got up to go to bed last night and could barely walk on my left ankle. usually, when i have some strange pain like this it goes away overnight, but alas, i am still hobbling around today. who’da thunk it??

******i have my final hearing for SS Disability set for Nov. 10th. hopefully the judge will agree with me on the issue of the SS dr.’s ridiculous report. did you know that i am able to lift AND carry ONE HUNDRED pounds for eight hours a day??? hopefully the judge will realize that the dr. was full of shit and the less than 10 min. assessment she performed was waaaaay out of line.

******i’m sure that there have been 50 million other things to frag about, but i can’t remember any more of them. now that fall is here and the weather is yucky, hopefully i will start blogging again. course i said that after my surgery and totally lied ๐Ÿ™‚ between babysitting (way more than usual lately), reading, knitting (oh yah! i taught myself to knit! lol), watching tv & movies, and taking walks with the dogs i just cant seem to make myself sit down at the puter anymore. i’ve missed yall (even though it doesn’t show by my lack of reading/commenting) and hope to get back into the swing of things soon… some day…. ah, hell. i have no idea if i will or not ๐Ÿ™‚ you’ll just have to cross your fingers and hope i do.


12 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. Hallie said

    The pup is ADORABLE!!!! And I love the name!!


    thanks! it is a perfect name for him. too bad i can’t claim the credit ๐Ÿ™‚ oh, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. momma said

    I am so happy that you are writing again. Of course I was sad there wasn’t anything about me. Love ya momma

    sheesh. write. write more. write something longer. now write about me?? lol you’re lucky you got what you got. ‘sides my mom always told me “if you don’t have something nice to say…” LOL just kidding!

  3. Liz said

    Chewy (I think I would have gone with Chewie, as does my sci-fi geek husband) is ADORABLE!

    Sounds like your g-kid is one smart cookie!

    Happy FF!

    i think it should be chewie also, but i was out-voted lol. i thought chewie was how i had seen chewbacca’s name shortened before but i wasn’t sure. thanks for stopping by and commenting! happy FF back at ya!

    • nonnasnonsense said

      i have now decided that this is MY dog and i’m gonna spell it the way I want it lol so he is chewie from now on!

  4. Yaya said

    Oh my gosh I want that precious doggie!!!!

    sshhh! my hubby might hear you. i’m supposed to be keeping him until i find him a good home. lol i’m not looking hard.

  5. OhCaptain said

    Cute puppy!

    thank you! i think so too ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. seashore said

    I thought for sure g-kid was going to say the pet store! Toys R Us is much better – is there a recipe for stuffed rabbit?

    lol i don’t know. if you find one let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. mub said

    The doggy is cute!

    I hope your SS hearing goes okay!

    thank you and i do too! i’m gonna be heartbroken if it doesn’t ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  8. Rock Chef said

    Chewy is fab! I love Yorkies – used to look after one for a friend. So gutsy!

    Good luck with the hearing!

    Love g-kid’s comments! Yeah, go and pee!

    yes, chewy does seem to be fearless. might not be a good thing since my grouchy boxette (1/2 boxer 1/2 basset) doesn’t seem to appreciate chewy barking at him every time he sees him lol. the g-kid is coming up with some doozies lately. most recently, told his great-grandfather to “bring it on” while playing a game with him hehe

  9. A. Fingers are crossed.
    B. That puppy is very cute.
    3. Glad surgery went well and I hope Nov. 10th does too.
    D. G-kid is even cuter than the puppy.

    A. fingers and toes are crossed!
    B. sooo cute i wanna just squeeze him to death!
    3. i’m hoping too!
    3. must agree with you on that one!

  10. Mrs4444 said

    How is it that I never saw this last month??!

    How did the judge rule??

    • nonnasnonsense said

      i have no idea how you missed my “first in forever friday frag” lol i am still waiting oh so NOT patiently for the judge’s decision ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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