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say it with pictures sunday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on November 22, 2009

some of the many excuses reasons i haven’t been blogging or knitting or much of anything else for that matter:

my wonderful hubby bought me a kindle for my birthday and i am in book lover HEAVEN!!

i soooo heart me some kindle!

(gift cards to hint hint are now the BEST GIFT EVER )

watching my adorable and growing like a weed g-kid:

they dressed up like pilgrims and indians and delivered food

another of my excuses reasons for not posting:

hiking at Burgess Falls State Park for our anniversary….

…and hiking with hubby, g-kid, & the dogs around our house

watching my friend field dress a deer and laughing with him over said deer managing to dive into a coyote den after she got shot. he said he’d been hunting for 20 years and never saw anything like this before 🙂

(don’t worry didn’t video the gutting…just the pulling the deer out of the coyote den) 🙂

oh, at the very beginning he is saying “ow, briar….ow, briar” lol i also just fried some of that deer meat for dinner tonight and it was pretty tasty!

entertaining myself watching chewy eating peanut butter:

see?? with all of these fun things to see and do, do you blame me for not wanting to sit in front of a computer?? i am trying to figure out how to read my fav blogs on my kindle. i think all of you awesome bloggers should look into getting on’s blog list. (don’t ask me how to do it…i’m too busy looking for free ebooks to download to my kindle)


3 Responses to “say it with pictures sunday”

  1. seashore said

    You torture the dog with peanut butter then wonder why his breath is stinky? Great pic of the falls! Love the “Indian” – so cute!

    trust me…it isn’t torture. i think he might like peanut butter almost as much as i do 🙂 thank you and i agree he is cute as a bug

  2. momma said

    Finally and I just happened to try and see if you had written again. I love the pictures..why did you get the cute dog and I got Gemma the barking fool..not fair..I’m glad to see that my surgery didn’t interfere with your not writing..Love momma

    haha you’re so funny. and i think gemma is beautiful and chewy is a barking fool too!

  3. Norene said

    Loved the falls pic AND how you stuck up for me against mom’s terrible Gemma bashing. She saiiiidddd she wanted a grandkid from me!! Sheeesh! Beggars can’t be choosers!!! xoxo!

    thanks and that’s what i was thinking too! i think i might even remember her begging for gemma 🙂

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