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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 8, 2010

Gotta give thanks where thanks are due! Click the link below to go check out Mrs. 4444’s most excellent page filled with friday frag links!

g-kid to mommy: please play mario karts. i’ll try really hard to let you win…

g-kid to mommy as they are laying down together for a nap: why don’t you dream about racing a team game with me on mario karts.


mommy to g-kid: my head is hurting so much i think it’s gonna explode.

g-kid: i will be very upset if your head explodes and if it does, i’m NOT helping you clean it up.


g-kid to mommy: what kind of music is that cd?

mommy: i think it’s a country one.

g-kid: are you sure it’s not a city one??


mommy: (singing) won’t you to take me to….funky town

g-kid: won’t you take me to funky town…cuz i can’t drive and i don’t know where it is!


g-kid: ow! i stubbed my toe. see it’s the medium one. (as in not the BIG toe lol)


Ding! I have an idea

He came up with this all on his own. We have no idea where he got it from.


all of my knitting projects that i did for christmas (minus seashore’s cuz she hasn’t received hers yet):


what it looks like out my front door right now:

We got a whole 1/2" of snow!! lol

I would be outside doing more of this:

But i’m still recovering from it today 🙂


8 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. You’re alive! You’re alive.
    That kid is cute.
    Your knitting is very pretty and nice. I bet everyone loves them.
    That is a great sledding hill. Now you just need to put a little more snow on it.

  2. seashore said

    Wish you had more snow! I have 4 days off next weekend – can you manage to get some snow before then please? And I will need my scarf – freezing here!!! 🙂

    • nonnasnonsense said

      i’m working on more snow. i don’t think it’s even supposed to get above freezing for the next week so maybe it will stick around! your scarf (which jamie tried to talk me into giving to her for her b-day) will be on it’s way to you as soon as i go into town.

  3. mub said

    Those scarves and hats look so delightfully warm! I’m kinda wishing I had a red knit hat with a pompom on it now.

    The Mario Kart conversation is priceless.

    • nonnasnonsense said

      wellllll i hate to give away my secret, but if you have a hobby lobby, they sell these round loom kits that make it soooooo easy to make a toboggan. 🙂

  4. momma said

    loved the always James is so cute and says the cutest things..we had way more snow about 3 inches and daddy said it is to snow more tonight.the people that got your knitting love it and wear it everday here..more because you made it and we can’t believe how domestic you are momma

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