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slick, sleety, sweaty*, snow-sledding, saturday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 31, 2010

ok, weaselMomma…this better be enough snow/sleet for ya cuz…

it’s probably the best we will get in my lifetime! 🙂

last time we had like barely and 1″ of snow. this time it was hard to accurately measure because it would keep snowing, then sleet would pack it down, then it would snow again….you get the picture. so. this is me on my 1st run down the very sleet-slick, snow. and no i totally didn’t SREAM like a girl yes, i do wreck at the end, just watch the horizon lol

this was early on during our version of snow-fest there was about an 1" or more just during the first 45 min!

this was later at night when even the tops of the onions are covered!

this is just a beautiful magnolia tree that totally got lost amongst the circuitry highways of my cell phone. i would have loved to see the color of the leaves, but c'est la vie!

ok, i’m off to bed now cuz i forgot and took my sleeping pill over 2 hours ago, and i don’t think my spelling and typing are doing very well anymore 🙂

*p.s. the sweaty refers to the heatstroke i get from hauling my thirty-something butt uphill 5 times. i’m refusing to wear a toboggan next time! and i might not wear two layers up top either! we’ll see if i turn into a Popsicle (did y’all know that’s supposed to be capitalized??) or i just chill & have fun 🙂


7 Responses to “slick, sleety, sweaty*, snow-sledding, saturday”

  1. Bad Momma said

    Nice to see someone enjoying the snow & cold! Maybe if it wasn’t so flat around our city, we might be out sledding! I’m ready for Spring!

    • nonnasnonsense said

      yeah i wish we had some bigger hills around here too, but i’m happy to at least have that one. i am sooo not ready for spring. that means digging and planting and weeding. i’m enjoying the time off from that right now 🙂

  2. seashore said

    Jealous! Looks like you had a blast.

  3. nonnasnonsense said

    i still can’t believe you don’t want to get OUT and PLAY IN IT! it’s sooo much more fun than just looking AT IT.

  4. momma said

    I didn’t go sledding this time and I am mad at myself. I wish there weren’t so many mountains between us so we could go sledding together. I might be 59, but I love the thrill of going down the hill. As nonnanonsense knows I have great hills around me. Love ya momma

    • nonnasnonsense said

      i guess next time they are forecasting snow, you’ll just have to come down and stay before it gets here. oh, and steal chuck’s sled and bring it with you 🙂

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