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our cross country road trip…part 1

Posted by nonnasnonsense on October 29, 2010

first a little background…my step-son jonathan

was posted in iraq for the last year and before he left he shipped his dodge magnum to us. while the army takes pretty good care of it’s soldiers, they kinda suck at caring for their vehicles while they are overseas. they park them in a big field and take the battery out. that’s it. so, all of those poor soldiers that didn’t have another option, get to come back home to a car that has been sitting out in the weather for a whole year. nice. the plan was for us to drive the car back to him at ft. lewis in washington (state that is) and then he would fly us back home to tennessee. i was so excited about this!! i looooove to travel. hubby, not so much, but who cares what he wanted? lol

i spent hours and hours months before the trip was due, googling different routes, finding state parks, restaurants and anything that sounded fun or interesting to me err us to visit.  i knew right off the bat that i didn’t want to take the traditional route of heading straight west to colorado and then heading north because that way is quite boring, and i knew this would probably be the only chance i had to see the northern states. i also made sure that we would only have to drive about 7 or 8 hours a day so we wouldn’t get too sore or too tired.

so, the first day our goal was St. Louis and the Arch….more to come 🙂


2 Responses to “our cross country road trip…part 1”

  1. seashore said

    Umm, shouldn’t there have been a pic of the arch here?? 😉

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