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our cross country road trip…part 1

Posted by nonnasnonsense on October 29, 2010

first a little background…my step-son jonathan

was posted in iraq for the last year and before he left he shipped his dodge magnum to us. while the army takes pretty good care of it’s soldiers, they kinda suck at caring for their vehicles while they are overseas. they park them in a big field and take the battery out. that’s it. so, all of those poor soldiers that didn’t have another option, get to come back home to a car that has been sitting out in the weather for a whole year. nice. the plan was for us to drive the car back to him at ft. lewis in washington (state that is) and then he would fly us back home to tennessee. i was so excited about this!! i looooove to travel. hubby, not so much, but who cares what he wanted? lol

i spent hours and hours months before the trip was due, googling different routes, finding state parks, restaurants and anything that sounded fun or interesting to me err us to visit.  i knew right off the bat that i didn’t want to take the traditional route of heading straight west to colorado and then heading north because that way is quite boring, and i knew this would probably be the only chance i had to see the northern states. i also made sure that we would only have to drive about 7 or 8 hours a day so we wouldn’t get too sore or too tired.

so, the first day our goal was St. Louis and the Arch….more to come 🙂


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slick, sleety, sweaty*, snow-sledding, saturday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 31, 2010

ok, weaselMomma…this better be enough snow/sleet for ya cuz…

it’s probably the best we will get in my lifetime! 🙂

last time we had like barely and 1″ of snow. this time it was hard to accurately measure because it would keep snowing, then sleet would pack it down, then it would snow again….you get the picture. so. this is me on my 1st run down the very sleet-slick, snow. and no i totally didn’t SREAM like a girl yes, i do wreck at the end, just watch the horizon lol

this was early on during our version of snow-fest there was about an 1" or more just during the first 45 min!

this was later at night when even the tops of the onions are covered!

this is just a beautiful magnolia tree that totally got lost amongst the circuitry highways of my cell phone. i would have loved to see the color of the leaves, but c'est la vie!

ok, i’m off to bed now cuz i forgot and took my sleeping pill over 2 hours ago, and i don’t think my spelling and typing are doing very well anymore 🙂

*p.s. the sweaty refers to the heatstroke i get from hauling my thirty-something butt uphill 5 times. i’m refusing to wear a toboggan next time! and i might not wear two layers up top either! we’ll see if i turn into a Popsicle (did y’all know that’s supposed to be capitalized??) or i just chill & have fun 🙂

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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 8, 2010

Gotta give thanks where thanks are due! Click the link below to go check out Mrs. 4444’s most excellent page filled with friday frag links!

g-kid to mommy: please play mario karts. i’ll try really hard to let you win…

g-kid to mommy as they are laying down together for a nap: why don’t you dream about racing a team game with me on mario karts.


mommy to g-kid: my head is hurting so much i think it’s gonna explode.

g-kid: i will be very upset if your head explodes and if it does, i’m NOT helping you clean it up.


g-kid to mommy: what kind of music is that cd?

mommy: i think it’s a country one.

g-kid: are you sure it’s not a city one??


mommy: (singing) won’t you to take me to….funky town

g-kid: won’t you take me to funky town…cuz i can’t drive and i don’t know where it is!


g-kid: ow! i stubbed my toe. see it’s the medium one. (as in not the BIG toe lol)


Ding! I have an idea

He came up with this all on his own. We have no idea where he got it from.


all of my knitting projects that i did for christmas (minus seashore’s cuz she hasn’t received hers yet):


what it looks like out my front door right now:

We got a whole 1/2" of snow!! lol

I would be outside doing more of this:

But i’m still recovering from it today 🙂

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soggy camping sunday – 100th post!!!

Posted by nonnasnonsense on August 16, 2009

several of these comments were actually heard around our campsite in NOT-so-sunny Florida last month:

soggy camping

No, our tents did not pass the leak test.

Yes, the campfire was kaput after the first night.

No, we didn’t have harmless flies.

Yes, we had lovely, hungry, blood-thirsty mosquitoes.

Yes, the old man was snoring (and seashore said cheeseburger’s snoring had quieted some – if that’s true, i think she is a saint, cuz i woulda murdered his noisy butt in his sleep a lonnnng time ago!)

No, we didn’t get to go fishing outside the tent.

Yes, the raccoons went fishing in my cooler!

No, we didn’t give in to nature.

Yes, we went tubing. in the rain. in the coooold water.

Yes, we turned blue.

No, we didn’t see any gators (thank goodness!)

Yes, we saw river otters, turtles, and many many fish.

No, the rain didn’t stop. ever.

Yes, we took over the pavilion and had a blast playing Aggravation.

No, i didn’t win (probably because i had no minions to influence and brainwash).

Yes, they talked me into driving farther south to leave behind the rain.

No, i didn’t want to have farther to drive back home 🙂

Yes, i’m glad they talked me into it, because i actually got to experience some hot, sunny FL weather.

Yes, seashore’s AC decided to conk out during the hot, sunny FL weather.

Yes, believe it or not, i had a great time and plan to do it again. hopefully, without the rain.

No, i’m not posting pictures at this time.

Yes, i’m lazy like that, so there!


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DOWN the bluff TO the gulf and then back UP the bluff

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 14, 2009

the human participants: me, sis, tom

the non-human participants: Gemma, Gianni, Guinness, Benji


if you look really hard, you can find all four of the dogs in this pic. Guinness is the biggest, Benji next, and sis’s little Chihuahuas are in there too. can you find both of them?

so the trip down was pretty uneventful. it usually is. that’s the easiest part, ya know. all gotta do, pretty much, is  pick a direction that doesn’t have tons of trees or undergrowth. so we walk, slip, slide our way down the side of the mountain until we hit the gulf. This is actually Spring Creek if i remember correctly.


this gulf is so much fun and holds tons of memories for us. we’ve been climbing down the bluff to go play in the water for as long as i remember. actually, i have some proof of that to back me up. hang on, while i go get an old snapshot and scan it on here…OK so i found it, scanned it, cropped it, and adjusted the color and such. This is a pic of me and my cousin Marny (twinFaye’s daughter) climbing around. oh, and mom and tom are in the background.

the hysterical thing that i just noticed? this pic was taken in June ’79 (i was almost 8 y/o) and the backpack that I’m wearing…is the SAME backpack that we took down for this trip!!














 so what do you think? is my step-dad a pack rat or what?? ok, so enough of that silliness. now on with the adventure! tom  had taken us down to a certain place at the creek, that we used to go to when we were little. there was a nice big flat area to lay out or have a picnic lunch and a great little waterfall that we used to slide down rocks to splash into a little pool. here is the flat area. as you can see it has water covering right now, but a lot of times it is drier. the water level in the gulf changes drastically depending on rains and such. off to the left side of this pic is where we used to slide.


so after ooohhing and ahhhing at the water for awhile we started looking for a way back up. tom has found a deer trail that he says we can follow up more easily than trying to find our own way up. along the way, we kept getting side tracked by photo ops. that’s how we roll….





can you tell which one the camera loves and which one loves the camera?? i’ll give you a hint. it sure as heck ain’t ME 🙂

although, i must admit i like this pic of me…it makes my boobs look huge! lol


as you can tell we didn’t get very far from this photo op before we were ready for another. i climbed up this big boulder, and it wasn’t that easy to do, then sis decides to climb up with me so tom can snap both of us. while he is trying to find a good place to stand and such we look down at our feet and Gemma has climbed up this huge boulder! we have no idea how she managed this feat but, i guess she just really wanted to be in the pic too!


so by now, tom is getting tired of us stopping for a photo op every 10 feet so we decide to pack up the camera and get serious about climbing up. we were having to walk sideways across the slope for a while to get where we needed to be, and my ankle was getting tired. at least that’s the excuse I’m using. i took a step and the next thing i know i was gettin’ up close and personal with the ground. sis kinda gasped, then giggled, then asked me if i was ok. which i was. i had kinda slid down the slope as i was falling down so it was more of a surprise than anything else.

well, we finally reached the last 20-30 feet of climbing that we had to do. tom and sis decided to go one way, but i decided i was gonna be a rock climber today. why? do i have experience doing this? do I have any climbing equipment, you know, like a helmet? these could be some of the questions going through your mind right now. all i can say is, cuz i wanted to, no, and no again. so here is a pic of the path i climbed up the rocks. we weren’t smart enough to give the camera to sis while i climbed so no action shot (dangit!) i just took a pic i took after i climbed up. i’m standing off to the side and a little higher up. i have come to realise that it is very hard to photograph something well so that you can get a good sense of height and such, so this is the best i could do:


 i will leave y’all with one last photo that shows how pretty our woods are, and you can even get a glimpse of the water down at the bottom. and yes, that is a drop off behind me that i am hanging over with one arm and leg holding me up. i was fine till i had to pull my big butt back up. whew, for a minute there i thought gravity was gonna get the best of me!


that’s all folks!

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