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fragmented friday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 19, 2008

yeah, i know, not very original. blame it on the g-kid. my brain is not functioning and will take forever to recover from the 7:30 wake up call today. i’m such a crabby ass. poor g-kid he totally understands me too. after an hour or so he asks me if i’m feeling happy yet.

no. not yet. wanna go see granny and grampa? (in-laws across the road-thank god!) yes? cool let’s call.

no answer. damn. more coffee.

yeah! they are home, lets go!

peace. ahhh maybe he’ll stay till lunch time and then it will be nap time
this seems strange to me. the g-kid has known and understood the concept of counting for a long time (he’s 3) i mean like for over a year he has been looking at something and saying there’s 3 doggies or whatever, but has never been able to tell me which number was which using flashcards or plastic numbers. i tried just last week and he didn’t know any of his numbers. this morning he picks up his plastic number two and says here’s a 2! it’s like somebody in his little brain just flipped a switch and said “ok, you know this now” he proceded to find all the numbers 1-9. instant knowledge.
me & g-kid made some jello no bake peanut butter & chocolate something. i don’t know what it was called but it had oreo cookies crust, peanut butter filling, and chocolate topping. YUM. g-kid and nonna heaven!

sorry bout the crappy cell phone pic (oh, and pretend the counters are completely empty of any dirty dishes)

i’m going to sis’s office’s xmas party tomorrow night at a nice restaurant (score! free food!) and then after that me & jamie (step-daughter) are going to the CHIPPENDALE’S SHOW in cookeville.

we have tickets for the up-close, in your face, smack some booty seats. i gotta get me a bunch of dollar bills. can’t wait. this will be a first for me, i’ve never seen a strip show before. mmmmm


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