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fantastic little gangsta g-kid, friday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 8, 2009

ok, first the disclaimer, cuz i don’t want any hate mail. the g-kid spent the week with his daddy and turned into a movie star/rapper. he made a cute video about pirates and monkey island, with an interview at the end. it’s kinda long and you hear more of baby daddy talking than the g-kid, so i’m gonna skip posting that one. this video, while i might not necessarily approve of some of the lyrics for a 3 y/o, is freaking hilarious. that being said, he is a 3 y/o and sometimes a little hard to understand so i included the lyrics below the vid. enjoy!

my name is james

i’ve got bread on my head

i always know, that it’s right to do

what my mommy said

i got shoes on my ears

i got my frank and beans

i’m a nice, nice boy

never mean

i’m momma’s boy

i’m momma’s boy

and daddy’s little man

my name is james!!

you want some of this?

what are you thinking?

you see these fists?

i got a fat sack of candy

i drink juice all day

i got da toys

you want to play?

i’m momma’s boy

i’m momma’s boy

and daddy’s little man


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