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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on April 17, 2009


  • Yeah! i finished training yesterday afternoon because most of us were already into overtime since we got to count our drive time to and from the training center and our homework time too! gotta love government pay!

  • de-Imust be a gadget guy like me (well, i’m a gadget gal, duh) cuz he wanted to see what my hand held computer (HHC from now on) looks like. so i took a pic of it, but i can’t show you all of the cool things it does. it’s all top secret info ya know 😉


  • if you look at the center, bottom you will see a little black rectangle. that’s the fingerprint scanner. this unit has GPS capabilities that work with an awesome mapping program, a messaging program, payroll functions (so i just enter my time and mileage into it), and then of course all the functions/software for me to enter the info about the living quarters that i am canvassing. oh! and you use a stylus to enter info and type. a little keyboard pops up at the bottom of the screen anytime you click on a field that requires data entry. can you tell i like my new toy?? 

  • mother nature was trying her best to thwart my attempts to get to the training center each morning. i saw a total of 6 deer in a 3 day span and 3 of those felt the need to dash out in front of me. luckily, i am a paranoid freak when it comes to deer spotting while driving so i managed to hit the brakes in time to miss all of them. now, i’m so gun shy that i hit the brakes when a bird flies out of the woods beside me lol.

  • my irises are blooming and they smell sooo good! here’s a shot of them. look closely and you will even see one of those dang carpenter bees that we like to whack. i’ve suspended myself from bee whacking this spring until my irises are done blooming though. my first day at it, i got 1 bee and 2 bloom stalks so, i benched my bad aiming self! check out that clematis vine behind the irises. i’ve already got hundreds of bloom buds coming out on it too!


well that’s about it for now. the weather is beautiful so i want to go sit in the sun and read my book for awhile. i’ve still got an easter post that needs to be written so i will probably post again this weekend. hope y’all have a good weekend!


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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on April 3, 2009



  • ok, karma bit me in the butt last week. i was teasing my mom about the fact that i’ve made chocolate oatmeal cookies several times now, and i’ve never had a problem with them setting up. she has. several times and didn’t find it too funny. well, i made them the other day for hubby and they set up too fast! they were quite gross looking, but i must say, he ate them all!

  • are we the only weirdos or does anybody else play a guessing game with the electric bill? hubby and i see who can guess how much it is. no prizes are awarded or anything, just victory celebrations by rubbing it in 🙂

  • i finally went grocery shopping the other day and got a new jar of Peter Pan. i was being a good girl and trying to scrape out the old jar, when what i reallllly wanted was to open the new jar and smell it and dip me out a big spoonful to just eat straight up. i was looking forward to this. guess what? hubby opened it while i was gone.

  • as i was tucking in the g-kid for his nap the other day, he asked me why i was wearing the shirt i had on. (just a maroonish shirt with 3/4 sleeves and a white collar. kinda rugbyish) i told him it was just what i felt like wearing and i asked “why don’t you like it?” thinking since he loves me so much he’d just say yes, right? WRONG he does give me a pity “well i like it,  BUT (there’s always a but) you don’t look pretty in it.” Just Great! now i not only have to take fashion advice from my Husband, but i am being critiqued by my Three y/o Grandson!

  • in case anybody missed the update i posted on, umm, well, whatever day that last post was, my CA 125 test came back normal!! so no cancer to worry about (told y’all) just the timebomb itself…ticking away…tick, tock, tick, tock.

  • i get to go spend the night with my cousin, up north of nashville, next week so i can get my lazy butt to some vascular clinic appt, that’s scheduled before noon, to check out why i see stars when i turn my head to the right. something about plaque in the carotid artery or some such nonsense. i’ve already told them it’s cuz all my connective tissue around there is so swollen it’s pinching off that artery, but hey what do i know? it’s just my body. i’m not a dr. or anything. oh, wait a sec. who asked for the ultrasound cuz she knew she had a cyst? wait, wait, oh right, it was me! and this was after N.P. was done with her exam. hmm who missed said cyst? wait for it…wait…oh right, the one with all the training!

  • ok, i will leave you with that highly sarcastic diatribe. hope you enjoyed it! see ya next week. (oh, but don’t hold me to that cuz i’m not very reliable these days when it comes to posting 🙂

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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 20, 2009

time for some more friday fragments! yeah! go ahead you can cheer if you want to.


this is what my cat cali did to entertain herself while i was babysitting my sis’ little chihuahua:



this is the message i got in my email from turbo tax the other day:

Dear Nonna,

Congratulations! The IRS has accepted your federal tax return. All you need to do now is pay your taxes and include your payment voucher (Form 1040-V).

yeah congratu-freaking-lations.


while trying to talk the g-kid into eating some more of his dinner the other night this was the response i got from him: i want to but my brain is tired. i couldn’t help but to laugh. then awhile later after almost no progress in eating, his brain was no longer just tired, but now asleep! lol where does he come up with this stuff?


i’m was so worried i would forget to put my chili in the fridge after it cooled last night, that i put the spoon i was stirring it with in the bathroom so i would see it before i went to bed. that’s pitiful.  [update, i remembered!!]


this is one of the first conversations i had on skype. this convo started somewhere around 11pm on wed. night and ended at 2:30am. this exerpt was from around 2 am so i think we were a little slap happy by then. as you will notice at the end of the convo i predicted that it would end up in  a blog. i was right 🙂

Nonna: :p~~~~~~~~
Unmarried Housewife: oh the noes
Nonna: i’m actually giving you a raspberry or strawberry or whichever fruit that’s called when you stick your tongue out and blow…and spit is usually involved too
Unmarried Housewife: ah I misspelled my mispell word making it right
Microblogologist: haha, dork
Unmarried Housewife: there. it’s teh not the
Unmarried Housewife:gamer jargon pride
Microblogologist: teh for reals?
Unmarried Housewife: ya
Microblogologist: does teh = the?
Unmarried Housewife: yeah
Nonna: so what does noes =?
Unmarried Housewife: no
Microblogologist: the plural of no
Unmarried Housewife: yep
Nonna: i swear yall are like laurel and hardy
Microblogologist: because there is not enough drama in one no!
Unmarried Housewife: I’m the cute one (sun)
Nonna: did you practice that skit on someone first?
Unmarried Housewife: nope
Microblogologist: She tells everyone she is the cute one
Unmarried Housewife: spontanious funage
Microblogologist: We are very random and tangents are the norm
Nonna: i might copy and paste and turn yall into a blog if you dont watch it
Microblogologist: lol
Microblogologist: I have done this
Unmarried Housewife: ha ha serve us right it twould
Microblogologist: You would have to translate Unmarried Housewife’s parts though

when i mentioned the laurel and hardy part it was because these responses between the two sibs were coming so fast it was unreal.  they are VERY entertaining, especially at 2:30 in the am when most of tv is infomercials LOL


my dogs eat table scraps. i know i know. they’re not supposed to, but i don’t have a garbage disposal and they like it. i learned today that while they will pick around cooked corn if it’s tossed out in the yard, they have NO problem eating moldy cooked corn that’s been in the fridge for who knows how long. licked the bowl clean. go figure.


currently, no more news on the ticking time bomb in my tummy. if you don’t know what that means you suck should be reading my blog dangit! ok UPDATE i have an mri scheduled for April 20th! a whole month away.
tttthat’s all folks!


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Friday Fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 6, 2009

F.Y.I. -paragraph breaks usually mean my brain has jumped tracks…so don’t forget to keep up 😉

yeah!!! i’m back to the land of the living again! i picked up the g-kid and took him over to his uncl’e house (our oldest) and we got to hang out with, not only Randy & baby Reagen, BUT the granny & grandpa showed up there too! luckily i had a naptime schedule that i needed to keep g-kid to so we only stayed for an hour or so then headed home for his nap.

driving the g-kid to gymnastic classes on tuesday we had to run by the electric company. they had some beautiful buttercups blooming(0f course no camera) and i pointed them out to james. here is the convo that followed:

james: was dat yewwo stuff ? 

me: those are buttercups or daffodils. they are flowers that are blooming.

james: NO, i meant dat yewwo stuff, right there (pointing)

me: what yellow stuff, i don’t see any yellow except for the flowers…

james: dat yewwo stuff on the WINDOW.  (guess he thinks i’m stupide so he says it louder, hehe)

me: oh. that’s bird poop.

james: (with a totally wrinkled up nose) ewww that’s dirty. you need to take your car through the car wash.

me: why? it’s on the outside so it’s not bothering me.

james: dat’s dirty! i  don’t wike my stuff dirty. i like my stuff cwean cwean!

me: well the car wash cost money. what about if we just wait and let poppa clean it off for free.

james: ok. but if it was my tar i would cwean it NOW. (still wearing that wrinkle now, i smell somthing bad face) LOL

while babysitting the g-lid, they have this crazy, neurotic, min pin (which is a dog for all you cat ppl out there) that i get to babysit along with the g-kid, oh joy. well, for some reason she was obssesed with me and dying for attention all day. everytime i was typing on the computer she would try to nibble on my hands. when i got her to stop that, she decided for some strange reason that the back of my neck tasted really good. next thing i know she gives me a wet willy! i told james (g-kid) what she had done and he didn’t know what a wet willy is!! what kind of parent raises a 3 y/o boy and doesn’t teach him one of the necessary girl tortures?? so i gave him a wet willy much to his dismay then whispered “you should do that to mommy when she gets home from work”.  you know what this totally deprived child told  me? “There is NO WAY i am gonna do that to my mommy!!” LOL he’s such a sweetheart!

at the last minute last night, i was warned that i would be watching the g-kid again tomorrow. not a big deal, i enjoy doing it. the only thing that bothers me is that i have no memory of that converstation. so much for sleeping as late as i wanted to do today. oh. what really gets me steamed is that “The Bitch” (the ex & trust me she earned the name) doesn’t care about anybody else’s plans. she  has to go get her hair done, in Nashville, of course. the bad part is, she owns her own buisness which means she could fit this into her schedule easier. she is screwing with me (or trying to-i’m not gonna let her get my goose) which sucks but the worst part is that she won’t even watch him for 3-4 hours so jamie and come play darts with us. we have played 5 weeks now and she has gotten to play once but, only because the babby’s daddy took him to the circus.

speaking of darts…oh you weren’t…well you are now  🙂  we had to play the best team out of allthe divisions last night. i was trilled to even win 1-3 in my singles matchup. hubby & i played doubles 501 and actually pulled off a WIN 2-1. we had a great night. my sis AND my cuz who has a non-profit orinization (from nashville-i’ll tell you more about him soon) were there along with obviously all the other dart players/friends. as they say, a good time was had by all  🙂



it is with the Census Bureau and might not sound like much since it only lasts for 8-10 weeks, but the pay (14.5/hr) is great! they also pay milege at 55 cents a mile. i have to go to nashville in the middle of april to do a week long training program then i will become an “enumerator” (person that goes door to door). hopefully CUZ will be allowing me to crash in his apartment cuz there is now way i could get up early enough to drive to nashville and be there all brite eyed and busytailed. tjere are obviously, many reasons why i am thrilled to get this job but i am also scared to death it will miss up my chances of receiving my disablitly benefits. i shoud hear if they settle or if i’m to go to court around around june or so. of course i wouln’t be … side tracked by t.v. or meds or something  Oh i need the money to cover silly hubby’s tax boo boo. he let his employer put him down on a freaking 1099 instead of and hourly wage. with my not working for the last few years that has put a serious crimp on our fundage. hopefully, i will be able to make enough to cover his takes, but not so much that they kick me out of disability benefits.

ok, sat here long enough. my but is sore. adios amigos!

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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 20, 2009


brought to you by Mrs. 4444

as i’m getting the g-kid dressed for gymnastics class tuesday:
me: come on, let’s put your gymnastic shorts on
g-kid: (very indignantly) those aren’t nasty! (i guess i need to work on my enunciation, huh?)


now we are at gymnastics. i pull his jeans off (shorts on underneath ppl) and he reaches around and tugs on the back of his shorts. i asked him if his shorts are falling off and did he need me to pull them up. his reply: no, sometimes i just get wedgies.


went for my sleep study test last week. good news: i know how to breathe while i’m sleeping. bad news: no “red flag” saying this is why you’re so exhausted every day. but at least i got a photo op out of it: (guys, don’t bother looking too close i photoshopped the nips outta there!)







got my hair cut today. woohoo. i love it. i just hopes it warms up soon or my neck is gonna be freezing!


 played darts wednesday nights at our “home bar” Night Moves (makes me think of bowel movements for some reason) for the first time. we kicked BUTT!!  23-8 was the final score. i got me another Ton (yeah!) i think that’s been one per week so far. i also won every game that i played except for the final team game. hey! i can’t carry 3 other ppl who musta been tipsy by that point. lol


i’m sure there was something else interesting or funny that happened this week but, for the life of me i can’t think of a single thing!

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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 6, 2009

first, i must say THANK YOU again to Mrs. 4444 and her wonderfully wise judgement for awarding me once again, her Favorite Friday Fragments award for last weeks frags, which is posted on my new bloggy bling bling page. 🙂


as always, brought to us by the lovely Mrs. 4444 here are my friday fragments…


my hubby’s new hobby is takin’ his ipod and showin’ this to everybody and anybody he can con into looking at it:



my VA travel pay seems to have doubled from 14+ bucks to 30+ bucks. i have no idea how or why, but i’m totally diggin it and greedily wish they had done that back when gas prices were so high.


g-kid got up from his nap at 2:30 the other day (it’s usually not until around 4 when his mom gets home). he climbed up beside me on the couch and i told him i was happy he was up so early cuz we got to have some snuggle time. about 10 minutes later he said, “nonna, i really like dis snuggle time”. AAHHHH it was so sweet.


i decided that since i’m going to chattanooga for a big dart tournament (and because i was just tired of running around) that i wasn’t going to leave the house and get my allergy shots today. they have recently upped the dosage and it leaves my arms sore again. can’t be havin’ my dart game thrown off ya know.


good plans are laid to waste or best laid plans…something..whatever that saying is cuz s.daughter (i still love you) locked her freaking car keys up in her car AGAIN (and she’s not even a blonde!) so i had to go open her car for her. oh well, it provided a needed break for my posterior after spending hours addin’ every. one. of my blog roll-ees to my rss feed thingy.


speaking of rss feed thingy…since i have now (semi) mastered that technology, the only thing keeping that old blogspot blog alive is my little followers box. i have a feeling it is soon to be a thing of the past. i’m just gonna have to learn to be happy with comment counts or page hits or something. psssttt this is a warning to you to update my feed/url/however you keep up with me 🙂


if you are not following the He Blog She Blog competition for a TEMPORARY (at least it better be) fill-in for Heinous who is having personal issues, you have GOT to go check out petra’s site. the smack talkin’ is fast ‘n furious and freakin’ uproarious (yes, i’m using a thesaurus, i’m tired of hysterical and hilarious!)


last item: i’m putting my blue ice pic up here, because honestly i just haven’t gotten enough (any??)  oooo’s and aaah’s over on the nonnasnaps blog and i want more (some)!


see y’all next week for friday fragments!

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friday freaking gross fragments…i warned ya!

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 30, 2009

Brought to you by none other than Mrs. 4444


probably gonna be pretty short cuz i’m hungry and we are headed out to The Eagles’s Club for some cheap hot wings. woohoo. yeah we’re exciting 🙂


first off, who the heck and why the heck would somebody design a drain for a bathtub like this:

i think i must have been a man. who else wouldn’t care to stand in ankle deep dirty water while taking a shower than a man. i mean come on. you have pretty much guaranteed that every flipping hair that goes down this drain will get caught and eventually clog the flow of water. leaving some poor woman to spend way too much time on her knees with a coathanger scooping out this disgusting mess:

and no, that’s not hubby’s toothbrush (but it should be) i put it there so you could have a reference of just how freaking much hair that is!!


after asking why my allergy shots have started hurting and itching again, which they haven’t done for months now, i was informed that i had been moved up to “the red tops” which means……drum rolllll….that by August i will only have to be going to cookeville every other week!!! woohooo.


don’t know why, but i have all of a sudden been “found” by tons of people from high school on face book. it’s pretty neat to reconnect with them, but i find it funny that some of the people who treated me like total shit, are now “oh, i’m so glad i found you”. yeah, right. either they are full of shit, have “found God”, or going through a 12 step program and are starting their ammends. lol


i am really truly starting to turn into a REAL housewife. i don’t know how this happened except maybe out of guilt from not working. i have made a sock-it-to-me cake last week, snickerdoodles and chocolate oatmeal cookies this week, and i think i even managed to cook a couple of meals allll while still continuing my cleaning saga.


that’s all i can think of for now. see ya next time. same bat time. same bat channel

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freakin’ friday already??

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 23, 2009

sponsored by Mrs. 4444:

oh, Mrs.4444 is giving away a bunch of things in honor of her 444th post. she also has some great advice on parenting that she is giving away for FREE here, here, here, and here oh, and here too!!

ok, i have decided i don’t like having a life. it seems like i’ve been running around like crazy since…i don’t know. at least several days ago. hell, maybe even a week. what happened to my sitting and reading and blogging all day??

i haven’t even looked at google reader today, because i don’t want to know how many i haven’t read yet.

i haven’t even had time to prepare fragments, but maybe this will turn into a fragment post, seeing as how my brain is just all over the place.

i APPLIED for a JOB with the census bureau . don’t ask me why, except that you can basically work whenever you want from what i understand, and that’s about the only job i can swing now-a-days. pass the word on to anybody looking. it only lasts for 5-10 weeks or so, possibly longer, if you get a “clerk” type position, but the pay is pretty freakin’ good!

i am baby sitting my lil sis’s chiauhuas or however you spell that. i spent a couple hours this morning yelling “shut up” & “hush” trying to get them to quit whining for me. it didn’t work. i think they speak spanish cuz they didn’t listen to a word i said.

i had to race through my “any moron could pass test” for the census because i had to get to cookeville for my weekly allergy shots before they closed. i missed TWO questions. puuhlease! now, i’m gonna have to go back next friday, because i’m anal like that and i know i can get a 100% and that’s just gonna tick me off if i don’t.

OH! i asked my granny if i could borrow her scooter for the car shows that are gonna be starting up soon, so i don’t have to cut hubby’s fun short. she has now informed my mom that she doesn’t want me to use it. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? she has never even sat her butt in the thing, can’t find the battery and charger, but she doesn’t want me, her favorite granddaughter to use it. It has got to be her dementia, or she is totally going on my shit list!

ok, so friday fragments looks like it’s turning into friday freakouts…so i better shut up. hopefully i will be reading and commenting all day tomorrow and sunday.

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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 16, 2009

i was smart this week. i kept a little notepad by my desk and wrote down stuff all week. i couldn’t wait for friday to get here so i could post it!! well, until friday got here at 8am since the g-kid spent the night cause his mommy’s sick. then i didn’t want friday to be here. so, i set him up with a real poptart, milk, and a movie and crawled back into bed. ok, enough chatter, on with the fragments! oh! and don’t forget to check out Mrs. 4444’s fragments who got me started on this.
does anybody else want to go on survivor just for the diet? i mean i would love to do all the competitions (duh) but i realistically know that my body can’t do that stuff anymore. and there is NO way i could sleep on the ground but, still, i really want to lose all that weight that the contestants do!! i know i don’t have the will power to just eat rice and water at home, and i also know i sure as hell wouldn’t supplement my diet with any bugs out there, so it would have to work!
i have decided that my dog, charlotte, is one of the smartest dogs i’ve ever had. if not the smartest in the world! She could totally be another lassie. we came home from that car show last weekend and charlotte came up to the door wigglin’ and a wagglin’ her whole body. i went outside and gave her some lovin’ because i thought she was just happy to be gettin’ my full attention. (dale is jeallllllous and always pushes her away so i will pet him instead) so i come back inside and sat down and she was still there just a wigglin’ away. i went back out and petted her some more and then i came in and told rickey “i think she’s trying to tell us timmy fell down the well, or somethin” a lightbulb went off in hubby’s brain. “hmmm i wonder if i locked dale up in the shop” sure enough, he went out to the shop and dale came flying out! lol so charlotte was trying to tell us something was wrong!
hubby came in from the shop the other night and asked me if i wanted something for my blog. i say sure, thinking a funny shop story is emminent. he says,
what are you doing now? UGGHH

i showed g-kid this pic:

he says ” that’s mommy and lyric passed out!

i have no idea where he heard that phrase, but there you go. funny thing is, mommy was passed out. she had come to the house to spend the night, drink some beer, and watch movies with me for her birthday. hehe
i was cooking dinner the other night and jamie & the g-kid were in the bedroom watchin’ a movie. g-kid asked several times if dinner was ready yet and the last time i told him, “don’t worry i will let you know when it’s ready. i won’t let you starve.” the next thing i here is “mommy is starving for dinner, nonna” i replied, “she is??” jamie hollars back, “i never said anything like that!! he asked me if i was starving and i said i could eat.” the little booger is already learning how to manipulate people!
one last thing. heinous had some links over to mama still wears gucci, she had a pic of her hubby in his laying around the house outfit, and thought he looked ridiculous in it. i say HA! i can totally beat that…

hubby is such a good sport! i still can’t believe i talked him into wearing a woman’s shirt and letting me photograph him. 🙂

well, once again my fragments seem quite long winded, but i guess i just don’t know how to tell a short story 🙂

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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 9, 2009

first things first. i want to thank Mrs. 4444 for generously awarding me this award:

for my friday fragments post last week. i am truly honored to be selected for this award amoung all of her other choices. i thanked her on her blog, but then realised that not only was i passing up an opportunity to toot my own horn, but also to thank her once again and show her some link love 🙂


while looking at pics of the g-kid on his mommy’s puter:

me: ewww james, you’re picking your nose, that’s groooss
james: i like picking my nose
me: you do? why?
james: cuz sometimes it’s full of boogers and i gotta get ’em outta dere
(duh, nonna don’t you know anything??)


hubby: whatcha’ doing?
me: reading blogs

15 min. later

hubby: now, watcha’ doing?
me: why? (a little exasperated-just a little)

hubby: cuz you’re smiling
me: posting comments
hubby: so why are you smiling?
me: because i’m a smart aleck, and it amuses me

15 min. later

hubby: now what’re you doin?

me: reading more blogs

this has turned into an almost daily routine. somebody save me from my hubby’s weird sense of humor


i’m trying to decide if it’s worth shaving my legs so i can take a pic of my kick ass calves for heinous 😉 that will totally ruin my attempt at breaking my record last year for seeing how long i can go without shaving. i think he may have to wait till spring. i’ve decided it helps keep my legs warm, i swear it does! plus, it’s really cool cuz when i swing my legs back and forth i can feel the breeze rustling through the hair.

oh, and for all of you who i just totally grossed out, in my defense, i don’t have hardly any hair on my legs and what i do have is so fine and sparse you don’t really even notice it. not that i would go out in public in shorts like this, but as long as i’m wearing jeans – screw shaving! plus it hurts my hips to shave and it def is not worth the pain :p~~~~


in my quest for a clean(er) house, i have washed, dried, folded, AND put away like 6 or 7 loads of clothes. i think i’m gonna take tonight off and see if i can talk hubby into helping me do the floors tomorrow


does it make me a bad person if i LOVE how mean and manipulative Hugh Laurie is on House? what if i secretly wish i could manipulate people like that too? it would never happen, because i don’t have that sneaky gene that you need to do that. ask, seashore. i used to drive her crazy asking questions during any movie that had plots that contained ulterior motives behind the characters actions. i just can’t think like that.

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