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take that! you stupid bill collector, thursday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 8, 2009

yesterday and today the phone rang early in the morning. yesterday, i didn’t bother to get up and see who it was. later when i checked the caller id, it had the wonderful “unavailable name” and “unavailable number”. i thought, boy i’m glad i didn’t drag myself outta bed for that. (we’ll come back to this train of thought in a minute)

well, for some weird reason i woke up at 7:40 AM with a yucky

…don’t read this if you have a weak stomach….

mouth full of phlegm (i warned you!) so i got up to dispose of said mouthful. i very briefly considered staying up, then my natural desires squashed that thought and i crawled back into my nice, warm, comfy bed.

twenty minutes later, there was a knock at my door. now, hubby and i, are not social creatures so i couldn’t even begin to imagine who would be knocking on my door at 8am, especially since anybody who knows me, knows i would not normally be up at that time of day. so, curiosity overcame me and i went to the door with my bed head in a tank top with no bra, and shorts. i’m sure i looked lovely. i looked out through my wonderful front doors:

what do i see out there? your friendly neighborhood Fed-Ex man with a glorious box:

Woohoo, i’ve got a package!! he apologized for waking me (i obviously looked like i just got out of bed) and i told him that this was one thing i didn’t mind getting up early for.

now, if you remember from my clean desk post, recently, i mentioned that my monitor had died and i have been using sis’s monitor. who, btw, has not been asking for it back, even though that meant she couldn’t have a computer at home for the last few months! i LOVE my sis!

well, just for kicks the other day i went to the Dell web-site to see how much a new monitor was going to cost. i couldn’t believe it! they had a monitor that was bigger than my old one on sale with free shipping (two of my favorite words!).

so, even though i HATE credit cards and never use them, i was contemplating putting a monitor on my sears card so i could give sis back hers. well, i thought what the heck, it can’t hurt to ask, so i asked hubby if he would rather me use my credit card or if he wanted to just buy it for me. he gave me the go ahead to just buy it!!! yea!!! i realllly didn’t want to be paying payments and interest, etc..

so, without further ado, my new monitor:

woohooo! it’s so cool! it’s a 19″ wide screen format with a stand and backside that are black and the trim around the front is silver. it even matches my current ‘puter & accessories’ color scheme! i’m thinking that hubby wanted to treat me since i’ve done such a good job cleaning these last few days, and i owe that all to you guys! if i didn’t have you people following my progress and encouraging me, i never would have done as much as i did. so to all of my new bloggy friends….THANK YOU!!

now, back to the stupid bill collector…

since i had already been woken up by my yucky surprise and my good surprise, when the phone rang at 8:21am i decided to go see who was disturbing my peace yet again. yep, it showed unavailable, and while i was happy to receive my monitor today (4 days earlier than dell said it would be delivered) this was the 3rd interuption of my beauty rest. suffice it to say i was NOT in a generous mood toward the poor soul on the other end of the phone.

a little background info so this next part will make sense…

i have been divorced from my 1st husband since 1996. he has never, ever lived at this address. i didn’t even take his last name while we were married, so when i did move here, there shouldn’t be any connection between me and him associated with this address or phone number. HE doesn’t even know my home number or address, as far as i am aware. i occasionally get credit card offers in the mail addressed to him and i have always wondered how that has occured.

back to the phone call…

the lady asked to speak to (insert ex’s name here). I. Lost. It. i, very meanly, told that lady, “that is my ex-husband who i have been divorced from for 15 years (which wasn’t accurate, but i’m surprised i even got that close) and don’t ever fucking call my house again!” i heard the poor woman say “mam” before i slammed down the phone. i know, the poor thing was just doing her job, but you know what? i don’t care! i pay my bills and i will NOT be harrassed for bills my ex might have accrued in the last 12 years.

so that is all of my ranting and raving for today. i’m off to fold some clothes and wash some more… hope y’all have a great day!

P.S. – ok, i thought that when you clicked on a picture it would open it open in another window full size so you could actually read all of those little comments i added onto them. somebody let me know if it works that way and blogspot is just being difficult again, or if i should just go back and take the comments off. thanks!

P.P.S. – so i was told that they are NOT opening up bigger, so i uploaded them again using the large choice. of course i deleted the Photoshop version (i knew better than to do that) after i saved them as JPEG so i can’t modify them to make the text larger. c’est la vie 🙂


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