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sad sack sunday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 14, 2008

well i had this great idea for a blog today.

then i had to go play darts.

then i got beat.

then my creativeness got beat.

i will have to regroup.

‘sides, can’t spoil you with a real post everday


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to be consistant or not to be

Posted by nonnasnonsense on November 14, 2008

yes, i am here, no i didnt quit, and i did warn yall from the beginning that i had no idea whether i could do this regularly. now the reasons i have been so slow to post are numerous, but i’m gonna make you read them all anyway.

1. i am like a raccoon, i am easily distracted by bright shiny things. i sit down at my dashboard trying to decide what to write, and then i see some new post from somebody that i am following. what do i do? i go off and read blogs for like an hour (or till my hind-end starts to fall asleep) so by then i’m tired of blogs.
2. i need to post about my anniversary excursion to bowling green, ky BUT that means i have to go thru my pics and crop, adjust, etc. and i am feeling too lazy busy to do all of that right now.
3. (this is a really good excuse, but only for the last few days) my aunt (mom’s identical twin sis)has been in the hospital since tuesday so i have been either there or watching my grandson all week and i’m tired! and finally…
4. probably the biggest reason is that i keep reading all of these great, funny, witty, smart blogs and i am having blog anxiety(not envy..well maybe a little envy) that there is no way i could write something as smart or as funny.

so is that enough to convince yall that it really isnt my fault that i am not writing more? actually now that i think about it … it is all of yall’s fault that i am not. so stop being so funny…please?

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