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school time, saturday and sunday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 25, 2009

well, i was bored and my hubby was working out at the shop so i asked him to teach me how to weld. he took some cell phone pics of me “at work” but you can’t really see my work yet. and you won’t. not until i can actually make it look good 🙂 so here are some action shots:

it was reallly cold out in the shop so i have like layers upon layers upon layers. (read: i’m not quite that fluffy) so as soon as i have even come close to mastering some techniques, such as not burning holes through the metal i’m supposed to be joining, leaving a bunch of spatter, and learning what spatter is. i will be posting some more pics of my artwork….errr attempts at art work.

this is it for tonight. i’m wore out from puppy sitting and jamie, james, & their puppy spending some time with us. hopefully more prolific tomorrow.


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