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tada!! tuesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 6, 2009

ok, so after TWO HOURS last night i got one section of my living room clean. it was the most cluttered, so hopefully tonight, i will be able to get the rest of the living room clean. i thought about doing a before and an after shot, but honestly, i was too embarassed to show how bad it was before. i might do a before and after tonight. maybe.

(notice the spare monitor. it’s broke. it turns on, but just shows a white screen. does ANYbody actually repair things like that these days?? let me know, cuz i sure can’t afford a new one. i’m using lil sis’ monitor right now, and i’m sure she would like hers back)

hey, i even managed to get my lazy butt outta the house last night and went grocery shopping! i have decided i like grocery shopping at 12:30am on a rainy night. there was NOBODY at wal-mart except for the stockers and floor cleaners. i was even able to leave my shopping cart with all of my purchases sitting at the checkout while i ran to get something i forgot (facial scrub) and nobody stole anything! i also liked the whole no traffic thing too.

my hubby did wake up in the middle of my putting the groceries away and asked me if i was on speed LOL. i told him i was sorry for waking him, but he informed me that i didn’t, he had acid-reflux again. i wish i could get him to go to the dr. he eats tums like they are candy, takes over the counter anti-acid/antacids (i’ve seen it both ways, but the 2nd way looks Wrong, lol) pills, and still ends up having to drink baking soda and water most nights. he won’t take tagamet or the other stronger meds cuz he says they give him leg cramps. i’m sure his esophagus is gonna turn into swiss cheese.

all in all i think my experiment worked last night. i got stuff accomplished and now i don’t have to feel guilty for not doing anything all day long except sleeping and recovering from sleeping. hopefully, i will be able to keep this up and do a little bit of cleaning every night. they say once you do something for more than 6 weeks it becomes a habit. we’ll see if they are right or not. (whoever “they” are)


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