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i made it!! i think….

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 3, 2009

ok, so i haven’t even really checked out the blog yet, so i have no idea if my gidgets, gadgets, widgets or w,ever,tf you want to call them are working or not. don’t know if i’m gonna change colors, wanting to make my own header, so i gotta check into that. i am workin on my trip down the bluff which has produceds many pics that i’m putting on a separate blog nonnasnapshots (i thought that was cute) which i can hopefully link in side bar or some such. like i said, i don’t know much, but i am workin on it.

as far as reading/commenting i am trying to keep of w/most of the reading but i know i’ve missed some. i gotta figure out how to comment from google reader or if wordpress does that somewheres or what. so i have lots to learn, but hopefully i will be able to learn a little and work a little at the same time. construction-sign21

basically excuse the dust as i continue renovations.


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sad face saturday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 6, 2008

ok, i have soooo many pics that i totally can’t wait until next friday. so i have decided to just post one for every day of the week : )

the story behind this pic is that me and my lil sis love to try to make my mom cry by giving her a mushy card or a really special present. all of my mom’s kids (5) are grown and she is experiencing a major case of empty nest syndrome. so for mother’s day i decided to photoshop a pic of all 5 kids together since she wouldn’t actually be able to see us all. at that time 2 were living in florida, 1 was in alabama, 1 was in colorado, and 1 was in tennessee (that would be me). this was her reaction to seeing the photo, which of course she didn’t quite understand. she wanted to know how i got everybody together so i had to explain that it was “doctored” just for her. here is the pic that she is holding:

there you go MOM. there is a pic of YOU on my blog! (she doesn’t get that my family is my hubby and kids now and that ppl don’t usually blog about their parents most of the time)

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funny face friday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 5, 2008

i am hoping to make this a regular weekly thing. of course, that depends on whether or not i remember to do it and more importantly if i can remember what day it is. i would say getting old is tough, but i don’t really even have that excuse (37 isn’t old, is it?). maybe it’s the fibromyalgia or maybe i have just killed too many brain cells, but the memory department is definitely out to lunch 🙂

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fun filled friday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on November 21, 2008

YEAHHH!!! we have finally firmed up plans and me, mom, aunt, & cousin are all going to see Twilight tomorrow afternoon! woohooo!!! can ya tell i’m a little excited?? if you like to read fiction, you HAVE to read this series by stephanie meyers. (it is about vampires and such so if you dont like that stuff, it might not be your cup of tea). BUT it is a totally different viewpoint of vampires and werewolves and such. and although it is a young adult book, it is very well written and will keep you up all night for 14 hours straight reading on the edge of your seat. it is hard to explain the strong attraction? feelings? addiction? that this series has had on me. i dont know, maybe i just really enjoy an escape from reality, but these books are as good or better than the harry potter books IMHO.

i feel like a little kid with a big exciting day tomorrow 🙂 i dont like to go out to the movies much. well to be honest cuz i’m a tight wad and more comfortable watching at home where i have a pause and rewind button for when i miss something. also, the theater in my po-dunk town is naaaasty. we are going to go 45 min away just to go to a new theater instead of ours in town cuz it’s so gross. it even has holes in the screen. i mean come on, its a movie theater. how can you have screens with holes in them??

well this was just gonna be a short “haha look what i get to do tomorrow while the rest of the world slaves away” post, but i kinda got a little worked up thinkin bout the local theater,

oh, and i have some great plans for a visit from FWM if i can talk her into coming here 😉 …i wonder if she’s seen Deliverance or Wrong Turn …muhahahaha

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weaselMomma’s one word meme

Posted by nonnasnonsense on November 18, 2008

here it is…

Where is your cell phone? here

Where is your significant other? work

Your hair color? blondish

Your mother? loving

Your father? dead

Your favorite thing? reading

Your dream last night? wierd

Your dream/goal? happiness

The room you’re in? living

Your hobby? scrapbooking

Your fear? cockroaches

Where do you want to be in 6 years? painless

Where were you last night? home

What you’re not? liar

One of your wish-list items? cd Player -ok so i cheated thats 2 words but heck i dont want a cd and if i just put player who knows what yall would think 🙂

Where you grew up? sarasota

Last thing you did? this

What are you wearing? pajamas

Your TV? off

Your pet? outside

Your computer? ok

Your mood? awake

Missing someone? megan

Your car? minivan

Something you’re not wearing? bra

Favorite store? book

Your summer? fun!

Love someone? yep

Your favorite color? fuscia

When is the last time you laughed? yesterday

Last time you cried? yesterday ( no hubby didn’t beat on me, i finished a stupid book & the main character died. lol i am turning into the person that cries at tv, books, just about anything lately)

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anniversary plans

Posted by nonnasnonsense on October 24, 2008

i have been racking my brains and searching online for weeks now, trying to decide on what to do for our anniversary. we had decided on only giving presents to each other every 5 years, because neither of us are big shoppers and let’s face it, we are broke people. so, this halloween will be our 5th anniversary (he was scared to death to get married again so i figured halloween would fit nicely as a wedding day, plus it makes it much easier to remember!) i want to go out of town and spend the night somewhere quiet and secluded, but i don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars doing it. it would be nice if it was romantic, but not required as neither of us is a very mushy type of person.

sooo to make a long story a little shorter….help!! does anybody have any ideas for a great little weekend trip that is easy on the wallet? of course we are down here in middle tennessee so we would prefer suggestions that are within a few hours drive or if you have someplace or something that you have done in the past that might be duplicated down here in the south let me know.

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my missing links family

Posted by nonnasnonsense on October 22, 2008

ok, so i have been informed by “the woman who pushed for nearly 24 hours to bring me into this world” that my family list was lacking…well…my family :-). i guess i could plead temporary amnesia or point out that it was like after midnight when i created my blog, but somehow i dont think either of those reasons will fly, so i am on here again today to remedy this situation.
i have a critical wonderful mother named kaye, a step-father named tom, and i also have 3 brothers and a sister. here is a photo of all of the kids:

from left to right you have philip, me, chuck, norene, and mike. let’s see if i can get all the ages right: chuck=39, me=36, mike=34, phil=28, and norene=26. let’s see, oh yes phil is married to holly and mike is married to anna. hmm..who else? i have a great-grandmother who is 101 and i also have a granny who/whom (never did remember which to use) norene is named after. oh can’t forget the in-laws, formerly known as ma & pa, but they have been renamed as granny and grandpa by james (when we actually remember to call them that!) i think that is it, and if i left anybody out, i’m sorry but this is supposed to be a blog not a novel after all! lol

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my very first blog…and who knows, maybe my last :-)

Posted by nonnasnonsense on October 22, 2008

i don’t know what happened. all i wanted to do was be included as one of weaselMomma’s followers and now all of a sudden i am a blogger! i’m not sure if this is a good thing or not (at least from y’alls point of view) but is has happened. the blogging world might never be the same again…or then again i might just be one more grain of sand in the beach of bloggers out there. of course i will probably be the sand that refuses to wash off your feet, catches a ride in your floor mat, and is a constant reminder that you still haven’t vacuumed your car since last summer. if you have ever been to siesta key in sarasota, fl where the sand is finer than sugar, you will understand what i mean. if you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting there, you should (unless you are OCD and don’t want to spend hours trying to get the sand out of your car).

i guess i should tell you a little about myself to start with. i am 36 y/o, married to a great guy, rickEy, and i have 3 step-kids and 2 grandsons. i know, you are thinking “dang she must have started young!” lol but no, my hubby is quite a bit older than i am. he graduated high school the year i was born (you do the math) so i am acutally closer in age to his kids than to him. we have 3 kids aged 28, 26, & 24my oldest grandson, james, just turned 3 and the newest, reagen, joined the fam june 11th.

i have an AAS in information technology, but i am currently unemployed while awaiting a decision from the governmental jerks powers that be regarding social security disability. i spend my days watching james, reading, and playing steel tip darts. i guess now i will also be boring you to tears blogging about my life. i think that is probably enough for my first post…more to come maybe soon. it’s not like i have much else to do with all of my spare time anyways 🙂

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