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two for one tuesday: pantry raid

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 13, 2009

i give up. i have gone back through other people’s blogs for the last week or so and i can’t remember or find who it was that i told i would do this pantry thing. i’m sorry! i wish there was something that kept up with where i left MY comments! ugh! i know i saw over at sprite’s keeper that she did it, but i just started following her today, so i know it wasn’t her. whoever it is, is a librarian i can at least remember that part! somebody, anybody, please tell me who that was! lol

so here are my pantry pics (there’s 3 of em cause i have a lot of pantry with wasted space! i need to turn my, so deep that you can never see what’s in the back, shelves, into slide out shelves like my mom has. they are wonderful!

oh, and you aren’t allowed to straighten up the shelves either before you take the pic. i so should have cheated on that, but i didn’t so you get to see me in all my unorganized glory. here they are:

the top half of my “real pantry”:

the bottom half: (yes, i love peanut butter and have been known to eat it straight out of the jar….. frequently)

and this is another cabinet that i use for snacks and stuff: (yeah, i need to go shopping – not near enough snacks in here for my taste)

notice the little debbie german chocolate cookies are front and center and on the bottom shelf within easy reach for my shortness! oh, and the welch’s fruit snacks were originally snacks for the g-kid but i have become addicted to them! they are pretty healthy as far as a snack: 100% daily vitamin C, made from real fruit (no preservatives), excellent source of vitamins A & E, ZERO grams of fat or calories from fat, and only 80 calories, and yet they still taste good!

not that i really care about any of that stuff for myself, but i would like to keep the g-kid a little healthy. oh, and the Cake Mix Magic in Minutes is an AWESOME recipe book that my mom got me for christmas. it has tons of recipes where the base is a box of cake mix and then you add all kinds of goodies to it to make it look like you slaved for hours to create it.

so, now i’ve shown you my pantry, will you show me yours?


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