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moving…kinda..but not really, yet, monday-UPDATED

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 27, 2009

i’m trying out wordpress, but first just as a photoblog just to see if i like it and can manage to understand all the bells and whistles over there.

yeah, real original name, but hey, less confusion for me is better 🙂

and while i am pushing other blogs… the s.daughter aka Jamie has started her own!! she was having trouble finding a name for her blog so her address ended up being

which i find compeletly hysterical! so go check her out and give her some followers to boost her self esteem up a little. why someone who is like almost 6′ and weighs less than my thigh could ever have low self-esteem is beyond me…but to each her own …we all have issues.

so go check out these sites and tell us what you think. um, oh yeah, please.


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