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trippy tuesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 16, 2008

not that i’ve ever had a trippy any day, but it sounded good. here is a photoshopped pic i took of some Queen Anne’s Lace (otherwise known as a freaking weed, but we like them)

and here it is in the unadulterated version:

and here is a shot of the top of one, so you can see what they look like to most normal people (that being the people who don’t look at the underneath and have micro mania)

that’s it folks. i might come up with something later tonight. my creative juices have been dried up by having to get up too early today. 8am phone call woke me up. i’m thinking about getting rid of all phones in the house. of course, then people might actually come over instead of just calling. nah, i’ll keep the phone. at least i can screen ppl that way and pretend i’m not home. kindof hard to do that if they show up on my doorstep.


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