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my randomness list

Posted by nonnasnonsense on November 5, 2010

this was something my bff over at seashore subjects asked me to do about a year ago. better late than never 🙂 it was actually so long ago that i had to go through her archives to see if there were any instructions along with this meme. luckily, i was not told that i have to rope others into doing this, but if you desire to play along with us, then let me know in a comment so i can go read your list.

oh, and here was MY comment to seashore:   “oh, you stink! you just threw me in there to make me do an actual blog post instead of my pictures and videos i’ve been trying to get away with! man…alright! i’ll do one soon, but i’m not promising how soon. so there :)”

guess i was right about the time frame for my list 😉

  1. i like banana and onion flavored things, but don’t like to actually eat bananas or onions.

  2. i taught myself how to knit last winter and everybody who knows me is amazed by this domestic achievement. I’ve decided it’s insulting my intelligence that they are so surprised i taught myself how to do this 🙂

  3. i have become addicted to Link’s Crossbow Training on my Wii. When i’m feeling mad at the world (which seems to happen a lot lately), i like to go and shoot things. EVEN things you’re NOT supposed to shoot, like the chickens and such 🙂 (this one is so old that i have long ago beaten all the levels and now have to find other ways to vent my frustrations)

  4. i tend to forget that i’m pushing 40 and still want to stop anytime i see a cool playground and go swing, climb, & slide.

  5. i worked last spring and this summer for the 2010 census bureau.

  6. i like bird watching (we have some of these birds stealing cat food), but i also enjoy watching my cat hunt the birds.

  7. if you ask me to do something, 9 times out of 10, i will do it. tell me to do something and 9 times out of 10 i won’t do it.

  8. my cat is a hired assassin for my dogs. she hunts and kills mice and rabbits and gives them to the dogs. i haven’t figured out what they are paying her with though.

  9. i would rather drive the big john deere tractor round and round the front yard for hours mowing, than spend 5 minutes dusting, polishing, or any other type of housework.

  10. i grew up surrounded by water, whether it was swimming pools, gulf of mexico beaches, or even just heavy rain puddles. i honestly CRAVE the water. i think i’m half mermaid (obviously the half without all the pretty hair, perky boobs, and shiny tails 🙂 unfortunately the only water i have access to are rivers that you have to either drive or hike to get to AND there are only a few months that are warm enough to swim unlike in florida where you can swim until thanksgiving!


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