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finally freaking found fodder for friday :)

Posted by nonnasnonsense on October 29, 2010

bless me, oh bloggy-god for i have sinned…a BUNCH. i checked and my last was jan 31!!! i have committed many sins since then. the sin of falsehood (“i’ll blog something today” to my mother/sister/best friend) the sin of sloth (see when last post was),  the sin of envy (have you seen how popular WoW is??), the sin of pride (i mean come on..i haven’t posted in almost a YEAR, but i still look at my stats to see if any poor soul has wandered by), the sin of lust (well, that’s lusting for my hubby, so i might get to slide on that one 😉 also, i can’t find the right sin in the 7 deadly sins, but surely this would qualify as one. the sin of abandonment (like as in i get my best friend roped into writing a blog and then completely abandon my writing AS WELL AS i quit reading hers and everybody Else’s too. oh! the shame of it all!)

so what’s my punishment oh wise bloggy-god? (who, btw,  is totally just make believe and in no way refers to anything sacrilegious or a false god or anything else that will get me in trouble with any churchy-type readers 🙂

what?!  i have to post 2 hail mary passes posts in one 24 hr period, leave 5 “i’m sorry i haven’t read your blog in forever” comments,  and worship type at least once a week to the bloggy-god AND FINALLY  i have to promise to sin no more (bloggy-sins that is. we don’t wanna get carried away here 😉

well, i hope i can stick to this punishment and carry it all out with a new light shining in my bloggy-soul and i will try not to continue to hide my words under a bushel.

hmm am i missing going to church? let’s think about it… have to get up waaaay too early on a sunday morning,  have to wear a DRESS and MAKEUP and SIT STILL for hours and hours on a hard wooden pew…NAAHHHH i think i just thought it was a funny twist on a serious subject that might possibly make somebody smile and maybe even be able to tick some ppl off. ya never know 🙂


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