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too much electricity, thursday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 15, 2009

sorry my mind just went blank while i was trying to think of a title. so for now it’s just thursday. if something hits me before i hit that publish button it might change. then again it might not. this is gonna be a shorty because my hands are cold and i’ve already turned up the heat and put another sweatshirt on and my hat. i gotta get off of here soon and get me a hot cup of coffee or sit on my hands or something.

remember my hubby got me these great slippers for christmas? of course not. why would you remember something like that?! duh. although, at this point i don’t think i can technically call them slippers anymore. i have worn them non-stop since christmas. yes, everywhere. i even wore them to our dart banquet because, well, i forgot to put on my boots. i’m serious. they are cloggy type shoes anyways, so it’s not like i was out in pink fuzzy bunny slippers*, but they are supposed to be my house shoes. i just have one problem with them.

i am creating enough electricity to power our house, i think. i’m being shocked constantly. all day long. i shock myself, my hubby, the g-kid, both dogs, my cat, my s.daughter’s dog. nobody and nothing are safe from me. i need to figure out a way to harness this electricity or to stop it in it’s tracks. i’m afraid i’m gonna short out my computer or my cell phone the next time i touch them. it’s getting to the point where i’m afraid to turn out the light for fear of the electricity in my body arcing to the electricity in the switch and ZAP i’m gonna be dead. i don’t know or care if this could actually happen or not. i’m afraid it might happen, so that’s good(bad) enough for me.

anybody have any suggestions? well, other than getting rid of my slippers/clogs/shoes whatever the heck you want to call them. they are comfy and keep my feet warm so that’s not an option! ok, so added more to the title, but it’s still kinda boring. i think the cold has frozen my brain cells kinda like it’s sapping all of the strength outta my car battery.

~~~copying my master who copies her master~~~

*i have accidently gone out in blue, fuzzy, slippers before, now that i think about it. but i did go back home and change before being seen in public with them. well, now that i think about that i think i have gone to the dump in slippers before and just decided it wasn’t worth it to go back and change. i mean come on, it’s just the dump guy, right?


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