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something’s up, sunday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 18, 2009

although i don’t really care for the color scheme, i was sick of my blog being all squished and this seemed to be the “roomiest” layout i could find. well, other than the one that totally abolished the sidebar to the bottom of the page, and i figured that would annoy the crap outta me.

SO, whadya think bout it the new look? also, if there are any techno types out there who can answer me these questions, please chime in:

Can i design my own page in dreamweaver and just copy the code and paste it onto the Layout: Edit Html page and still add blogger’s gadgets? Also, would doing that make me lose any of my archives, etc..?

thanks for the input and hopefully some answers so i can make my blog reflect ME and not just be another template that i have to make do with.

oh, and that’s all you get for this weekend probably. i will be up in dial-up hell at mom’s so i doubt i will be getting to post sunday. wellll, i guess maybe if something really good pops into my head i could compose it there and then post it when i get back to DSL heaven later on sunday evening.


if you’re really good.

and you can beg properly.

and maybe kiss up nicely, too.



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